5 Things to Buy from IKEA Malaysia for Hari Raya

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Getting ready for Hari Raya? Check out these 5 items you should buy in preparation for the festive season.


Hari Raya is a festival that is commemorated by Muslims around the world and is termed as a festival of breaking the fast. The feast marks the end of the holy month of fasting that is commonly referred as the Ramadhan.

The celebrations are characterized by a beehive of activities, including visits between friends and family members. The event is also marked by having very sumptuous meals, preparing various dishes, perfume is also used, new clothes bought and there is exchange of gifts. This are just some of the practices that marks the event.

In preparation for Hari Raya, there are various products that can be bought from IKEA Malaysia to make the event a success. The products can be obtained from the numerous departments that are within the facility, from the kitchen, clothing, decoration, storage, textiles, culinary amongst others.

These are the top five that will be discussed in these article that you can obtain from IKEA Malaysia.


For hygiene and good health, having a Bestaende detergent dispenser will go a long way in ensuring that people’s hands are clean. The three and a half a litre in volume dispenser can be placed in strategic positions for one to use before heading to eat. The dispenser is averaging at RM 15.90.


As there are chances that there will be more people coming in for the occasions, having an additional cutlery stand will be a good. You can buy the Ordning stand at RM 6.90 from IKEA Malaysia while deciding on the best variety to choose from.


For accuracy and measurement of various food products and ingredients during preparation, there is need for buying mixing and measuring tools and accessories from IKEA Malaysia during the event of Aidilfitri. The accessories includes the Allehanda mixing bowl with a lid, gemak colander, idealisk, and tokig salad spinner. All of this tools are meant to make work easier and fast for the purpose of the event. The Allehanda mixing bowl is used for measurement and is retailing at RM34.90.

For the purpose of offering and giving gifts, there are many divisions in the shopping premier. From the clothes, kitchen and also clocks. The gifts one can buy will depend on the preferences and tastes once has to the related products. Once obtained, there is a facility within IKEA Malaysia that will offer you with the wrappings required to ensure that you carry your gift unnoticed and make the presumed surprise.


When it comes to gifts, clocks comes in a variety of designs. There are the digital sets as well as those that present the ancient times, retaining a culture that has been there some years back. For a Bondis wall clock, its price tag is RM59 (RM10 cheaper than last year). You can also buy other watches and clocks as gifts for the whole family from IKEA Malaysia.


When it comes to vessels and bowls, the Bladet vase is available in all lengths and capacity. The form of drawing and art on their cover is also different. The average price for the vase is RM24.90.

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