8 Reasons Why People Hate Going to IKEA to Shop

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There are only two IKEA in Malaysia right now and many people hate going to IKEA because of multiple reasons. Here are the top reasons.


There are always great deals at IKEA and many people love things from IKEA. That’s why it has become the most popular home furnishings store in the world. Unfortunately there’s only one in Malaysia and going to IKEA on a weekend or during a holiday can become a nightmare. Here are the reasons why.

1. Queues

If you go to IKEA on a weekend, you need to be queuing. Not once, but many times. First, there will be a huge traffic going into IKEA as soon as you exit the LDP expressway. Then you’ll have to queue going into the car park. Once you’ve got what you need, you probably have to spend additional time queuing at the checkout counter. If you leave IKEA when the store is closing, be prepared to queue to pay your parking fees and you definitely have to queue during exit as well.

2. Traffic


The traffic on LDP (Damansara-Puchong Highway) is always bad. It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming in from the North or South, there’s always a huge traffic. If you live in Puchong, you may need to pass at least two toll plazas. The roads around IKEA are surrounded by MRT construction which makes everything worse.

3. Parking

Did you manage to drive through the heavy traffic? Your nightmare has just started. If you’re at IKEA on a weekend, you might have to spend a lot of time to find a parking spot. Tip: Go to P2 level when you plan to park at IKEA. It’s usually has more space then P1.

4. Crowd

Malaysians living in the Klang Valley love going to IKEA. During school holidays, the place is always packed with people. Folks from Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and other surrounding states will join the crowd as well. Planning to eat meat balls at IKEA? You probably need to queue up at least 20 minutes to reach the food counter. Got your food? Try getting a place to seat, for your family of six. Endless nightmare.

5. Weather

Malaysia is blessed with a beautiful weather but what happens when it’s pouring? All your plans may be affected. Once I parked my car outside of IKEA and it was raining heavily. I had no choice but to run to my car.

6. Item not in stock

The online catalogue from IKEA is not always accurate. Even though it shows that an item is in stock, there’s a high probability that it’s not especially discounted items. How frustrating is that if you’ve travelled from Melaka and found out the things you need are not in stock!

7. Time

You’re already spending most of your time at work. Why don’t you spend your precious time with your loved ones instead? Going to IKEA on a weekend will take up at least 3-4 hours of your time, and that doesn’t include driving through traffic, finding a place to park and queuing.

8. Extra Expenses for Petrol, Toll, Parking and Food

You need to have extra cash to be paying for petrol, toll, parking and food whenever you go out. Don’t you think you should be spending your hard-earned money on something else instead, or at least go somewhere your family might enjoy more?


These are just some of the reasons why people avoid going to IKEA, I’m pretty sure there are other reasons. However, if you really need something from IKEA, consider browsing the online catalogue here, place your order with us, and we’ll do everything to get the things you need delivered to your home, minus all the nightmares.



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