How to Buy Vanilla Ice Cream at IKEA Malaysia for RM0.80

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Had a fun day shopping at IKEA? Don’t forget to buy a smooth vanilla ice cream after checking out.


Do you know that IKEA sells vanilla soft ice cream just outside the checkout counters and it only costs RM0.80? They used to dispense the ice cream manually. However, in order to shorten the queue, IKEA has setup multiple automated ice cream dispensing machines just a few steps from the food counter.

Once you’ve paid your RM0.80, you will be given a token as shown aboveĀ and an ice cream cone. Simply head to one of the machines, place your ice cream cone onto the cone holder, insert the token into the coin slot and press the dispense button on top.

I shot a short video clip of the whole process below:

It’s fast, easy and you don’t even have to worry that it will spill or over-dispense!



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