IKEA Item Not In Stock in Singapore or Hong Kong? We’ll Help You Get It

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If there’s an item from IKEA that you wanted to buy but it’s out of stock, we can help you get it here in Malaysia and ship it to you.


There are plenty of IKEA items which are extremely popular in places like Singapore and Hong Kong. These items are in high demand and always ran out of stock.

One example is the Runnen floor decking that’s usually not available in Hong Kong’s IKEA.

We’ve also seen cases whereby some of the IKEA toys for children became so popular that it was nearly impossible to get them in most stores around the world.

In Singapore, some of the bed linens are highly sought after.

Thankfully, you still have the option to get out-of-stock IKEA item through our help.

There are two big IKEA stores in Kuala Lumpur which makes it possible to get popular items which are no longer available at most stores in the region.

The process is the same as ordering online – simply get in touch with us using this online form, let us know what item you need, and we will get back to you with a quote. We do this free of charge since our runners are based there most of the time.

Please do let us know even if you’re not based in Singapore or Hong Kong. We will find ways to get any IKEA item wherever you’re located.

Once we’ve identified the item, we will assist you in getting the item shipped to you at the most efficient and affordable way possible.



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