IKEA Malaysia 2016 Catalogue – Similar to IKEA USA’s Version?

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The year 2016 is just around the corner, will IKEA Malaysia have similar catalogue like the US version?


The IKEA catalogue is a popular item for any IKEA fans. They usually get snapped up real quick at any IKEA store. There are only a few months left for 2015, so we should be expecting the 2016 catalogue soon.

UPDATE (6 Sept, 2015): The Malaysian Version of IKEA 2016 catalogue is here!

In the US, the 2016 IKEA catalogue is already published online, and also can be downloaded to your smartphone app. It seems there are plenty of new items available so hopefully similar new items will be made available in IKEA Malaysia next year too.

There are a total of 328 pages. You can literally spend hours just by looking at the gorgeous items on the catalogue.

You can view the online catalogue (products browser) here, I was hoping that there’s a PDF version, but I think IKEA doesn’t want to do that yet. Anyway¬†the Malaysian version of IKEA 2016 catalogue can be viewed here.



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