IKEA Malaysia Cuts Prices of More than 100 Items with Even Lower Price Campaign

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What’s the best way to welcome 2015? Get something from IKEA with great discounts with their ‘Even Lower Price’ campaign.


Every time I go to IKEA, there’s always a promotion going on. The best promo by IKEA is the ‘Even Lower Price’┬ápromo because of the discount. For 2015, IKEA Malaysia is cutting off prices of over 100 items in the following categories:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Decoration
  • Dining
  • Workspace
  • Bathroom
  • Lighting
  • Textiles
  • Secondary storage
  • Small storage
  • Children’s IKEA

IKEA makes a really good point when doing this promotion:

When prices in Malaysia are going up, ours are coming down, year after year. Just look out for products marked with an Even Lower Price (ELP) symbol when you walk around our store. It means the product is now priced lower than before.

As an example, the ALGOT Frame/wire basket is down from RM254 to RM200. That’s a saving of more than RM50!



IKEA promises that with lower prices, they don’t compromise on quality.



You will spend hours browsing through IKEA’s online catalogue. When I last checked, there are at least 4 web pages bringing the total to more than 100 items. Simply click the link here to check all the items that are being discounted.

If you need something from IKEA, remember we’re here to help! We’ll do our best to get the items you need delivered to your home.

Happy New Year 2015!



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